Choosing an IOC Container – Pt 2

DryIoc is an IOC container for .NET that is built for speed. Looking at the link we mentioned previously, you will notice DryIoc performs better than all the other containers that were examined. It is very focused, well maintained, and has complementary packages to tie it into ASP.NET Core, Web API, OWIN, etc. That said, my favorite aspect of DryIoc is its extensibility which makes it easy to use!

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A Fresh New Blog

Why hello there! I’m Jason a software architect out of South East Michigan. While working in software development over the years, I’ve been able to consume a lot of material to help build my career. At first I started thumbing through technical books (my favorite publisher was WROX), then slowly I migrated towards Twitter, PluralSight, and various technical blogs. I’m grateful for all the amazing authors I’ve been able to learn from over the years! Some of my favorites include Scott Hanselman, Shaun Wildermuth, John Papa, and many others.

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