SQL Operations Studio is Now Azure Data Studio

Not long ago, I did a couple posts on an awesome new SQL Editor called SQL Operations Studio by Microsoft. It is cross-platform, light weight, and perfect for writing queries/stored procedures. If you are familiar with Visual Studio Code, you will feel right at home.

Recently, I provided a colleague with a link to download SQL Operations Studio only to find… it is no longer SQL Operations Studio! It is now called Azure Data Studio. It was in preview so, a name change is definitely fair game. That said, why the change?


In my opinion, the original name was much more reflective of what the editor is used for. It seems much more fitting to have “SQL” in the name than “Azure”. I’ve used Azure Data Studio as my goto SQL IDE for the last couple of weeks. About 90% of the time, I was using it to connect to a local SQL Server instance. Not SQL Azure.

Is name Azure Data Studio here to stay? Will this be like the time the Visual Studio Code icon was updated to be orange then reverted back to blue shortly after? Side note, if your curious, this article tells the Visual Studio Code icon journey.

If you would like to checkout one my recent articles on Azure Data Studio, please find the links below. Otherwise, let me know your thoughts on the new name.

2 thoughts on “SQL Operations Studio is Now Azure Data Studio

  1. I respect the fact that Microsoft is pushing Azure even further. But adding Azure to the name does not make much sense, as SqlServer is not hosted only on Azure – is hosted on premises, AWS or GCP etc. I would have preferred Sql Data Studio. Notwithstanding, the tool is a great and smart tool to work with.

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