Visual Studio Tricks, Cycle Clipboard Ring

This is going to be a relatively short post however, I still felt the urge to write it. There is a feature in Visual Studio that I resort to from time to time. It is not EXTREMELY valuable and I do not use it all that frequently however, it can be a life saver in certain situations. What prompted me to write this post though, is how little it seems to be known by other developers. What is this moderately helpful, rarely used feature you may ask?

Cycle Clipboard Ring!

Using in Visual Studio

If you expand the Edit menu in Visual Studio, you will see Cycle Clipboard Ring towards the bottom. From the menu, you can also see that there is a hotkey for this feature (CTRL+ SHIFT + V). This is makes it easy to remember. Ctrl + V is the paste hotkey in virtually all desktop applications. Adding SHIFT when you are pasting allows you to shift through the clipboard history.

'Cycle Clipboard Ring' menu item

Going the hotkey route, you can hold CTRL + SHIFT and tap the V key. This allows you to cycle (or shift) through your clipboard history as shown below.

Cycle Clipboard Ring in Visual Studio

As I stated, the ‘Cycle Clipboard Ring’ feature is nothing revolutionary but, it can save you a bit of time in the situations where you accidentally copy over your clipboard contents.

Other Applications

I typically rely on CTRL + SHIFT + V in Visual Studio however, occasionally I will come across other applications that support it as well. For example, SQL Server Management Studio (another popular Microsoft IDE) also supports this functionality.

Cycle Clipboard Ring in SQL Server Management Studio

Happy Coding!!!