9 Simple Ways to Handle English Assignment

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English Assignment

Are you bored with your English assignment? For most students, the word ‘assignment’ doesn’t sound like fun, but they should be enthusiastic about finishing it. Assignment is the least exciting thing in a student’s life. How could you make your English assignment motivating?

In this article, the expert team of assignment writing help has shared some great and practical tips for English language learners to help them improve their English while having fun!

It is scientifically proven that students are more successful in school and college when parents take active participation in their homework and assignment. Indeed, you can’t expect your parents to do your assignment at the college level, but they can support you morally and financially.    

Helping with homework doesn’t mean parents will spend hours hunched over one assignment. Most notedly, modern parents don’t have enough time to check their kids’ homework. However, parents can be supportive by explaining the problem and understanding why our kids do not understand the assignment.

It has been a raging and controversial topic among all parents why assignment should not be banned. As a result, hundreds of students spend hours wasted doing busy work that adds little value to their learning. But that doesn’t indicate that the sensible use of doing assignment  can’t add significantly to student learning. 

Many non-speaking English students eagerly wait to study abroad but can’t pass the speaking, listening and writing tests in English. Understanding and speaking English is now mandatory if you have a hidden dream of studying overseas. Your regular English assignment will smoothen your learning English journey seamlessly.  

There are various benefits when it comes to reading all the instructions and writing in English. In this article, you will get to know how you can overcome your English writing assignment fear.  

What makes assignment valuable?

Assigning assignment that works is not difficult as your think or predict. Moreover, your expert will help you with English assignments if you share your issues. Focus on these mentioned points to know how you can focus while doing homework:

  • Announcing the homework assignments to students at the end of the class, but students who are poor in English can’t get the instructions instantly. For those students, they should write down all the instructions and ask further if they don’t get any points. So, take a minute to put your homework instructions in writing. 
  • Students should know the purpose of their assignments. If it is practising the grammatical chapters, then you should understand it while applying the grammatical rules. If the homework is related to pronunciation practice, then you should know how to pronounce random syllables. When you understand why they are doing the homework, they will be able to tell on their own when they have successfully finished the grammatical portion.
  • You may not find yourselves scheduling a menu for thanksgiving when you will leave your English class. Students can write a common essay but fail to start a conversation with their friends. Likewise, you will fail to order food at a restaurant or write a leave application to your principal. So, think about the realistic approach and make your homework practical.
  • Make your English assignment creative and express various English assignment by applying creative ideas. Just because you get some instructions from your English teacher doesn’t mean that you can’t showcase your creative skill.
English Assignment

Entertaining English assignment ideas for students:

  1. Do some gossip with your mates:

Have you read ‘gossip’? That’s right. Isn’t it something many people actually avoid? Most of the time, it is all fabricated, but this fabricated truth makes a lot of sense in your English learning. 

Talking over the phone and having communication skills is a real challenge for non-speaking students. But in a foreign land where English is the national language, they have to speak in English. So, having gossip will give you some practical experience.

You can make up a story, or you can drag a real fact and make it a story and convey it to your friend. 

  • Know your teacher:

It is vital to attempt all the English classes at your school, and parents are also requested to attend all the school events such as parent-teacher meetings to meet your kid’s class teacher and ask them to do their homework and how they can improve their English writing quality.

  • Create a distraction free place:

Kids get distracted easily, and that’s why they need a place where they can sit and concentrate easily. Some students easily get distracted by internal noises like TV, kitchen and household work, distant chatting, and so many others. So whenever you start your English homework, you should make a study place where no one will disturb or bother you.

  • 24-hour English-speaking challenge:

 It is one of the fun activities you can do for yourself, and it is self-explanatory and great fun! 

Challenge yourself to only speak in English for the next 24 hours. It means that you might need to get parents, friends and families involved with this challenge so that they can also talk to you in English.

The idea is that your friends and families have to speak in English as much as it is doable. So whenever you interact with your friends, ensure they answer in English.

  1. Talk to a stranger:

If you are studying overseas, like in the UK, the USA or Canada, you need to speak English. You will get a lot of people in cafes, streets and campuses to talk to. If you build up a strong base in English, you need to speak in English with English speaking people.

  • Make a plan while doing assignment:

Some students or kids try to jump into the English assignment without understanding the chapter or piece of content like drama, stories and novels. On heavy English reading or when an especially mentioned assignment like English essays or report writing needs assignment help in English. You can also break it down into different sections and work on each part to low your burden.

  • Ask for help: 

Do you feel helpless while writing an essay assignment? Are you poor at the topic selection in English? Then it would be better if you consult with an English expert. Proficiency in English is required to write a stellar essay in English. You will get various assignment writing services for English assignments. Most of the reputed academic services have a great team of English scholars who will guide you in writing English assignments.

  • Know the types of requirements:

Every English assignment is different, and students must know the homework’s purpose. Set a goal and work on it. Make sure you know the different kinds of essays like narrative, descriptive, cause and effect essays, argumentative and expositors essays. Apart from it, follow the letter writing formation and report writing criteria.        

  • Take quizzes:

Online mock tests and quizzes are one of the most exciting ideas to hold a good grasp of the English language. There are various online sites and platforms where you will get online mock tests and quizzes on multiple chapters and objective skills.

For example, you will get a piece English paragraph and have to answer regarding the passage. Sometimes you will get an image of something and have to write the description. The tool will automatically correct your grammatical errors, and you can identify your mistakes quickly.


English assignment doesn’t have to be tedious for you. Most of the students have a lot to do after the classroom boundaries. You can binge watch Netflix and Hollywood movies and listen to western songs to improve your pronunciation. Once you enhance your vocabulary and grammar, you can easily enhance your English assignment writing skills.

Author Bio: Michael Woodcut is one of the guest lecturers in English at Brown University, Australia. He has done his PhD in English literature and Asian culture. Michael is associated with assignmenthelp.us  and provides excellent assignment help to global students. 

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