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Coloring has excellent meaning for children and also for their parents. When coloring, children release unspeakable emotions, send strong messages, and freely express themselves through the way they simulate all their feelings for the world around them. Therefore, coloring is also an extraordinary way of “communication” with children. From learning the pictures, parents will be closer to the children and understand the children’s thoughts and feelings to promptly support, protect and educate the children to develop naturally and healthier. Cheetah and Zebra coloring pages are fun coloring subjects. Parents and children, let’s explore and understand each other better through coloring pages!

Cheetah coloring pages: Is this the fastest predator?

Cheetahs are the fastest land animals; according to various estimates, they can run at speeds from 80 to 128 km/h. In 3 seconds, a cheetah can reach speeds of up to 110 km/h. Cheetahs live in most of Africa, as well as the Middle East.

Cheetahs have many characteristics for high-speed development: light body, long thin legs, and long tails. They have slim bodies with well-developed muscles and almost no body fat. In addition, cheetahs have large ribcages and lungs, contributing to rapid breathing when running at high speeds.

In general, cheetahs are markedly different from other cat species. Outwardly, the cheetah looks like a leopard and a jaguar.

Northwest African cheetahs live in the Western and Central Sahara and the Sahel in small populations. They are very different in appearance. They have shorter white coats. There are no spots on the snout, and tear streaks are usually absent. The body shape is the same as that of the sub-Saharan cheetah.

Northeast African cheetahs live in open areas, grasslands, semi-arid regions, and other open areas in Northeast Africa where prey is abundant, such as in the savannas of eastern Sudan. Cheetahs have many characteristics, like the East African leopard; Their coat has thick and yellow-spotted.

The Asian cheetah is distributed in various parts of the Middle East and India, but so far, it has only existed in Iran as a small population. Outwardly, it is practically no different from African leopards, except for the shorter coat. The primary habitat is central and eastern Iran’s mountainous and semi-desert regions.

Cheetahs are diurnal predators. Their food is mainly medium-sized ungulates: antelope, antelope, wildebeest, and hares. A leopard can beat an ostrich.

Cheetahs hunt by stalking. They follow and approach their prey at a distance of 90m; When the prey goes unnoticed, Cheetahs will attack them.

When chasing prey, they reach speeds of up to 120 km / h, accelerating to 90 km / h in 3 seconds. Cheetahs run jumps 6–8 meters long, taking less than 0.5 seconds per jump. Such jumps allow it to have a flexible spine.

In Africa, the cheetah is the weakest of the large predators. Larger predators threaten cheetahs in their areas, such as lions and wild dogs, can kill the cheetah.

Cheetahs are known to be defenseless against these predators. However, many adult male cheetahs can dislodge predators. In addition, a single cheetah can chase jackals, golden wolves, and lone wild dogs.

Baby cheetahs are like cats; they are small and easy to attack. But thanks to its dark belly and fluffy white or gray “coat,” predators can mistake a cheetah for a honey badger – a fearless ferocious predator that attacks any animal and other carnivores.

Cheetah coloring pages

Printable Cheetah coloring sheets

Cheetah Coloring Pages are the ultimate experience of our quality coloring pages. Because children love to explore animals, we have created and introduced many animal coloring pages. Cheetah Coloring Pictures are unique and outstanding coloring pages.

Familiar animals your children can explore in life. Cheetahs are wild animals that live in forests and savannas, so your children will have less chance to learn and see them. Children can see them in the guard. Now that she has printable Cheetah Coloring Sheets, she can satisfy her passion for wildlife with colors.

Cheetah Coloring Pages are free and quality coloring pages that parents can easily use on websites. Parents need to search, select and download for their baby. includes many quality and free coloring pages for kids and adults.

Parents can find Cheetah Coloring Sheets on our website. Here, parents and children can choose to color online or on paper. If you decide to color online, you can color on the website by selecting colors, pouring colors, etc. If your child loves the experience of playing with colors on paper, parents, please download and print coloring pages for the children. When your baby has the coloring pages, they can color anytime. The experience of using and combining colors by hand will be much more fun and fantastic.

We encourage parents to download Cheetah Coloring Pictures for children to have fun and learn comfortably.

Zebra coloring pages: Let’s create beautiful pictures of zebras and give them to friends!

The zebra is one of the most beautiful animals living in Africa. The stripes of this animal have always been a mystery to many people. Many people know them because they have stripes on their backs, but do you think they are black with white stripes or are they white with black stripes?

Few animals stand out like the literal zebra. Giant pandas, penguins, and skunks may have a black-and-white combination like zebras, but the contrasting stripes of zebras are unique.

The black and white stripes on the zebra’s body protect against the sun and control body temperature. At the same time, these stripes are also to prevent flies and mosquitoes. The scientists realized that the zebra’s stripes disoriented the flies and mosquitoes, so they slammed into the zebra instead of landing successfully.

There are three zebra species in the wild, found only in Africa. Includes Burchell zebra, also known as common zebra or plain zebra; Grevy’s zebra, named for Jules Grevy, a 19th-century French president; and the Equus or mountain zebra.

Each zebra species has different stripes; each has its vertical pattern, and no two are alike. These stripes are as unique as human fingerprints. Zebras often live in small family groups that combine into large herds. They can live with their family or join another herd of zebras.Zebra coloring pages

Printable Zebra coloring sheets

Are Zebra coloring pages interesting? Let’s explore this beautiful animal through coloring pages mesh.

Coloring activities bring children many beautiful experiences. Children can learn about animals in nature, distinguishing them and comparing their characteristics. Children who indicate and reach will learn how to arrange data and knowledge. Children will be able to analyze the knowledge they have accumulated. So Zebra coloring pictures are helpful for kids and adults.

Printable Zebra coloring sheets are free and quality coloring pages. The pictures of their characteristics and activities are drawn with a black pencil; use the colors you have to color and create the beautiful zebra.

The pictures that children create will show their talent and talent for coloring. Zebra coloring pictures help children practice the ability to use crayons and distinguish and compare colors. The critical thing in paint is color matching; kids will learn how to match the right colors through Zebra coloring sheets. Animal coloring pages are an exciting subject that parents should collect for their children.


Coloring is a way of showing affection, just like having fun and talking. Children express joy, happiness, dreams, and sometimes even fear through pictures. Therefore, children’s drawings are also a way of communicating with people for children to express the world around them and the relationships that children feel. At the same time, they provide parents with information about the child’s personality.

Parents and children, let’s create Cheetah and Zebra coloring pages! We offer and showcase many quality coloring pages at We hope coloring pages will bring children to the wonderful world of drawing.

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