Error 1015: Understanding and Resolving Common DNS Issues


Error 1015

When surfing the enormous expanse of the internet, people often come across the dreaded error code 1015. It’s a common stumbling block while attempting to use an online resource. It’s frustrating when this happens, but knowing what causes it and how to fix it will help users get through it and get back to their work.

What is Error 1015?

A common HTTP status code is 1015, which stands for “Origin DNS Error” or “Cannot Resolve Origin.” It occurs frequently when a website or online service’s DNS setting is incorrect. Simply explained, the Domain Name System (DNS) is in charge of converting human-friendly domain names (like into numerical IP addresses. If your browser encounters the “Error 1015” message, it means that the Domain Name System (DNS) was unable to successfully resolve the domain name to an IP address.

Causes of Error 1015

DNS Misconfiguration:

Error 1015 is commonly caused by incorrect DNS settings for the unavailable website. This could happen if the website’s domain name server (DNS) data is incorrect, out of date, or improperly set.

DNS Server Issues:

If your computer or network’s DNS servers aren’t functioning properly, you may see error 1015. Possible causes include DNS server downtime, slow responses, or other technical issues.

Network Connectivity Problems:

It’s possible that the issue is related to the network connection. If your internet connection is unstable or you frequently encounter packet loss, the DNS resolution process may fail.

Browser Cache:

Error 1015 can potentially be caused by your browser’s cached DNS records. Inaccurate or damaged data stored in cache could prevent a user from successfully accessing a website.Solutions to Error 1015

Refresh the Page:

To begin, try restarting your browser and loading the page again. It’s conceivable that this is only a momentary issue that will disappear after you refresh the page.

Clear Browser Cache:

If the error is being caused by cached DNS entries, clearing your browser’s cache should fix the problem. The browser’s options or settings menu is often where you’ll find this option.

Check Network Connectivity:

Keep your connection to the internet solid and stable at all times. You can do this by verifying the availability of competing online resources.Change .

 DNS Server:

When problems arise with your domain name system (DNS), it may help to switch to a more dependable DNS service, such as Google DNS ( and or Cloudflare DNS (

Contact the Website Administrator:

If the problem is isolated to a single website, you may want to contact the host for assistance. If there are DNS issues, they may be able to fix them.

Wait It Out:

It’s possible that the website is experiencing momentary DNS difficulties, which would explain the error. If you can wait a little while and try again later, you may be able to access the site successfully.


It’s frustrating when you encounter Error 1015 while attempting to visit a website or online service. However, this is typically a technical issue with the DNS settings, the server, or the network. You may usually fix Error 1015 by following the steps mentioned above and getting back to your regular online routine. In the event that the issue persists, you may want to contact your internet service provider or the administrator of the website in question.

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