Ford F350 Super Duty Exterior Accessories: Side Steps & Trailer Hitches

Ella McCain

Ford F350 Super Duty

The Ford F350 Super Duty is a no-nonsense truck built for work and adventure. While it boasts impressive capability off the factory floor, several exterior accessories can further enhance its functionality and style. Two key accessories for truck owners to consider are the Ford F350 Super Duty side step and trailer hitch.

1. Side Steps

Side steps, also known as running boards or nerf bars, offer many advantages for F350 owners. The steps provide improved access, enhanced cargo management, and rocker panel protection.

While the truck size is excellent for work and play, its high cabin can be challenging for some people. The side steps provide a secure and comfortable step up, making entering and exiting the vehicle a breeze.

The wider step area of many side steps can be a handy platform for reaching into the truck bed or strapping down cargo. This is especially useful for Super Duty owners who use the truck to haul equipment and other work gear.

Finally, side steps can shield the truck’s rocker panels from road debris, gravel, and minor off-road bumps. The protections can help prevent scratches and rust, keeping the truck looking its best for longer.

Types of Side Steps

There are three main types of side steps to consider for the F350 Super Duty: nerf bars, running boards, or power-deploying running boards. Nerf bars are the most common and affordable option. They are round or oval tubes, typically made from steel or aluminum, that provide a solid and dependable stepping surface.

Running boards are a little more step-like. They are flatter, made of plastic or other composite materials, and often integrate seamlessly with the vehicle’s design. They provide a more comfortable stepping area than Nerf bars and can incorporate features like LED lights.

As the name implies, power-deploying running boards are electronically operated steps that automatically extend when a door is opened. They retract when the door closes. These are the most expensive side steps but offer a touch of convenience and luxury.

2. Trailer Hitches

A trailer hitch is an essential accessory for F350 Super Duty owners who plan on towing trailers. Trailer hitches allow you to connect your truck to a variety of trailers, including utility trailers for hauling cargo and boat trailers or campers for recreational use.

Types of Trailer Hitches

There are three common Ford F350 trailer hitch types to consider: receiver hitches, bumper hitches, and fifth-wheel hitches. Receiver hitches are the most common type and come in various classes. Higher classes indicate a greater towing capacity.

Bumper hitches offer a clean look and integrate with the truck’s bumper. They are convenient and appealing, but some drivers have concerns about swaying.

Fifth-wheel hitches are specifically designed for fifth-wheel trailers and are installed in the truck’s bed. These hitches offer superior stability and towing capacity but might be overkill for typical towing.

An F350 Super Duty is an impressive truck. If you want to get the most out of your vehicle, it pays to accessorize it, but you can’t expect a 2017 Ford F150 trailer hitch to fit the larger truck. Check out side step and trailer hitch options at your local auto parts retailer.

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