How much would it cost to replace 14 teeth with dental implants?

Ella McCain

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Most UK adults will have around 16 teeth on their upper and lower jaws, though the exact number will depend on their personal anatomy and circumstances.

Because of this, it’s not unheard of to need to replace 10-12 teeth with dental implants and it can be easily achieved in as little as a day, for a much lower dental implant cost than you might expect!

So, what can you expect to pay to replace a large number teeth with dental implants – and do you need to restore all those teeth?

What do dental implants cost?

When looking for a quote or price for dental implants, you’ll find a vast range of dental implant costs and possible treatment options available within the industry – so, it is well worth taking the time to understand the differences between them to ensure you don’t pay more than you need to.

Types of dental implants

  • Individual tooth implants

These single implants replace one missing tooth and you can expect to pay between £1.5k – £3.6k per dental implant.

  • Multiple single tooth implants

To find out how much these dental implants cost, simply multiply the number of individual tooth implants needed, by the cost of each individual implant.

Certain providers may provide a potential discount for opting for more than one implant but it is important to check before you go ahead with treatment.

  • Implant-supported bridge

To support multiple teeth, patients can also consider an implant retained bridge.

Final costs can range from £4,000 – £12,000 depending on the size of the bridge (how many teeth it replaces) and the clinic you attend.

It is important to note, however, that the solutions discussed above are not suitable for replacing many teeth per arch, the below solutions are.

  • Implant- retained dentures

To replace a whole upper of lower jaw, you can consider an implant-retained denture.

Each denture requires daily removal and uses housing designed to be replaced regularly – adding future extra and ongoing costs as well as the £10,000 – £16,000 price for both the upper and lower jaws.

  • All on 4 or six or smile-in-a-day dental implants

All on 4 or 6 dental implants are a well-known treatment that replaces the whole dental arch with up to 10 prosthetic teeth, be that upper, lower, or both.

Prices generally start at £11,000 for one jaw and between £17,000 – £35,000 for the upper and lower jaw – but this can differ depending on where you go.

  • Clinic-specific solutions, like the EvoSolution™

An advanced alternative to all on 4 or smile in a day dental implants, the EvoSolution™ is suitable for all patients needing to replace the upper or lower jaw, or both. 

Able to replace the most necessary 10-12 teeth of the jaw, the thinner, more comfortable bridge and bespoke implant placement are able to properly support and spread the pressure of biting and chewing – while also giving an even, straight smile to patients in a single day.

The number of teeth and type of prosthesis depends on individual anatomy, as well as the option chosen.

Clinic-specific full-jaw dental implant costs can range between £9,000 – £28,000 depending on the number of jaws and the type of bridge required.

Why look at other dental implant treatments other than all on 4?

Most people incorrectly assume that the most discussed treatments, like all on 4 dental implants, are the best option for them – and that they need to replace all 14 teeth for the best results.

However, many people needing to replace a large number of teeth find they aren’t actually eligible for all on 4 implants, so feel that their only option is removable dentures.

Considering clinic-specific dental implant alternatives can mean more people are eligible, that patients can receive an optimised permanent prosthesis that is slimmer, feels just like natural teeth, and can have more teeth per arch to regain a functional bite.

This includes complex cases and patients who have:

  • Been told that you don’t have enough healthy bone for implants
  • Have been told that dentures are your only option
  • Already undergone extensive dental work, such as bridges and crowns
  • Many failing or missing teeth
  • Suffered from severe gum disease

Find the best dental implant cost and treatment for you

To ensure you are paying the correct dental implant cost for your personal circumstances, it is well worth doing your research, talking to multiple providers, and maintaining a flexibility towards your desired treatment choice.

This will help you to get the best solution for mass tooth loss for you. 

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