How to Create a Good Landing Page for Your Coaching Business

Ella McCain

Coaching Business

Are you running a coaching business of any kind? Whether you have just started, or you have been around for a while, one thing is absolutely for sure. You are looking to increase the number of your clients. Attracting new clients is especially important in the beginning, when you find yourself new on the market, and looking to find people who will be willing to work with you and trust you to provide them with great services. No matter how amazing your services are and no matter how qualified and knowledgeable you are, if you don’t take the right approach to attracting people, you won’t get as many clients as you would like.

So, nowadays, marketing matters more than ever:

There are various strategies that businesses use to market their business and to attract potential clients. Various marketing techniques that they invest in. Regardless of the specific techniques that they invest in, though, all businesses always have one important thing in place. A sales funnel.

Coaching Business

If you don’t have a sales funnel, then you won’t know exactly which stages your potential clients will go through, and how they will move through those stages as time passes. Meaning, therefore, that you may not be able to approach them the right way and possibly with the right offers, simply because you don’t know what it is that they need at one moment or another. Building a great sales funnel helps you better understand the behavior of your audience and figure out what you should do to give specific prospects a nudge in the right direction at one point or another. In short, you’ll create the right strategies to guide the prospects through the funnel, ultimately leading them toward making a purchase.

For them to make a purchase, though, they will need to be met with an offer. They will need to land somewhere good – on a page that is designed specifically to help them make up their minds and make a purchase, or take any other action that you were planning on having your prospect take. Such as signing up for your newsletter and similar things. Those are called landing pages, and they are an indispensable part of the sales funnels we have talked about above. Or, better yet, they work together with sales funnels to build the perfect strategy for attracting people to your brand and leading them toward buying your coaching services.

Coaching Business

What Exactly Are Landing Pages?

Now, here’s an important question. Before we get to the part of helping you create the perfect coaching landing page for you, we have to make sure that you understand what landing pages are in the first place. So, do you? That is the important question, and whatever your answer is, I am now going to help you get a better understanding of this particular concept.

Although the term “landing page” is often used to mean both a “sales”, and a “lead generation” page, the truth is that those have different purposes. And, that is why we are going to stick with the latter, that is, with this term denoting a lead generation page, as that is the part that we are dealing with today, and that is the part that is highly important for your sales funnel. So, in short, this is a single, standalone page that people land on after clicking through from an ad, an email, or any other digital location for that matter. The point of using them is to increase conversions.

Coaching Business

How to Create a Great One for Your Coaching Business?

Now that you have understood what the landing page entails, you are probably wondering how to create a great one for your coaching business. As a coaching professional, you need to have and maintain a great online presence to grow your business, and a well-designed landing page can help you do this. It can help you capture leads, as well as convert your visitors into paying clients at one point. So, let us talk in a bit more detail about the process of creating a good landing page for your specific coaching business.

First off, you will need a compelling lead magnet, if your goal is to capture leads, which it probably is. A lead magnet is a valuable part of the sales funnel, and it consists of a little something offered to your visitors for free, that is, in return for their e-mail address. To create an irresistible lead magnet, you will need to the pain points and issues your dream customers are facing, and then create a product that provides a solution to that specific problem. The trick is, of course, in offering that product for free, to attract more leads. Click this to learn a bit more about lead magnets.

Once you’ve thought about the perfect lead magnet and once you have created it, you’ll be ready to proceed towards crafting the landing page. Choose the right format first. Go for either a squeeze funnel or a webinar funnel. The first type will consist of a squeeze page, aimed at enticing your prospects with the offer and having them sign up and give their e-mail address, and a thank you page, which is self-explanatory. The webinar funnel will have a registration page, a thank you, as well as a webinar, and a product order page.

Having chosen the format, you will also have to choose the appropriate template, to make the process of creating the landing page easier. And then, you will need to start crafting compelling copy. Starting with a powerful headline, which is the most important part of the page, as it serves to grab people’s attention. Then, emphasize the benefits of your lead magnet through the copy, and offer some social proof for those as well. Finally, add a clear call to action to your landing page, and then launch it, ready to attract prospects and get the leads you are after.

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