Huawei HCIP certification cost and registration qualification

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Huawei HCIP certification

Many people ask network engineers about the materials that need to be prepared for Huawei’s HCIP certification. What other qualifications can they take the exam for? And Huawei HCIP certification cost. Then the author will give you a detailed introduction.

1.How much is the HCIP examination cost for Huawei certified network engineers?

If you plan to take the Huawei certification test, the test cost will be paid by the test center outsourced by Huawei. The original price is 480 dollars, which is less than 3000 yuan. However, you can buy some discount coupons on Taobao or many e-commerce platforms, or you can go directly to the examination center to ask the examiner if there are any relevant discounts in your city. Therefore, the overall cost for HCIP is 480 dollars. The examination is to answer multiple choice questions on the computer, so its examination process is basically not a written examination. There is no laboratory examination where you need to go to the computer to equip equipment, so generally speaking, the examination is relatively easy.

2.How to prepare for the network engineer exam of Huawei HCIP?

If you are currently a zero based Xiaobai, you still need to start from the content of the most basic Huawei junior network engineer, and even supplement the computer network operation foundation. Then you can start to learn from Huawei’s equipment and Huawei’s exam syllabus step by step. It’s almost time for you to look at the relevant question bank skillfully, and then take the exam.

You can register at your local examination room. Basically, there are many examination halls in the provincial capitals and first tier cities, so the local examination can be completed in one or two days. There are three courses in this examination.

3. Are there any requirements for education and age when taking Huawei’s HCIP exam?

Huawei Certified Network Engineer Examination is a business examination conducted by Huawei. Therefore, it did not restrict access conditions too strictly. Generally speaking, as long as you are over 18 years old, most people over 18 years old will learn these network technologies. There is no restriction on education, that is, as long as you are an adult who has reached the age of 18 and is capable of your own behavior, you can take the HCIP exam as long as you pay the money.

These are the answers to the questions about Huawei’s HCIP authentication.

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