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Montague Bikes is proud to present the M-E1 electric bike, crafted in Massachusetts. Electric bike perfection may be hard to come by, but for many, the M-E1 is the pinnacle of what a bike should be. I am 6 feet 4 inches tall, and the step-through frame of this foldable bike provides me with unmatched comfort. As a result of its full-size frame and unusually large wheels (28 inches),

The M-E1 is able to stay upright, unlike the majority of folding bikes. Even though it doesn’t have a lot of power, the Shimano mid-drive motor provides a balanced amount of silent and mild pedal assistance, so riders may still feel like they’re exercising while they cruise. Reliability and performance are guaranteed by the top-notch components included with the M-E1, such as the Shimano brakes and schwalbe tires. This bike is great for tight urban quarters like my New York City apartment because of its simple folding mechanism, which allows it to shrink into a narrow dimension. The M-E1 is an attractive choice for city dwellers and weekend warriors due to its combination of durability, functionality, and comfort.

Exceptional Construction

The M-E1’s sturdy construction is immediately noticeable the moment you settle into its seat. You won’t find any shakiness here, unlike with a lot of competing folding bikes. You may ride with confidence every time thanks to the frame’s sturdy construction from long-lasting aluminum. Its blue and matte black color scheme gives it an air of urban sophistication, like bikes in metropolitan bike-sharing systems, even if its design is more functional than stylish.

Integrated Features

The M-E1 is jam-packed with built-in features that prioritize your comfort and security. In poor light, you can see clearly thanks to the front and back lights, and there’s plenty of room for necessities on the integrated rear rack. Tires with reflective stripes increase visibility, and broad mudguards prevent water from splashing. Mounted near the base of the seat tube, the 11.6-Ah (36 volt) Shimano battery charges rapidly with the included charger, taking only approximately three hours to reach full capacity. One potential annoyance is that the power button is on the battery itself, not on the handlebars.

User-Friendly Controls

The M-E1’s controls are very user-friendly and straightforward. Essential riding data, such as battery life, speed, and distance gone, is discreetly shown on a small screen located beneath the right handlebar. The display’s simplicity guarantees few distractions during rides, even when cycling across different data screens may involve touching a small button. The left handlebar features buttons that make it easy to switch between three different levels of pedal assistance: Eco, Normal, and High. There’s no requirement for an app on your smartphone, though enthusiasts can find more customizing possibilities in Shimano’s E-Tube app. This bike is even more user-friendly with its 10-speed Shimano shifter, which allows for silky gear changes and a pleasant sensation even when using the highest amount of pedal help.

Effortless Folding

It takes only a few seconds to fold the M-E1 into its compact shape, and the procedure is simple and fast. For easier folding, which can be a pain with heavier versions like the Lectric XP or Biktrix Kutty X, the included dual-leg kickstand is a godsend, as it lifts part of the bike off the ground.

Simple Folding Mechanism

Easy folding is made possible by a simple clamp mechanism that is located between the downtube and seat tube. The bike folds in half, halving its size, as soon as you release the clamp and push it down. To make even more room, you can fold the handlebars down using an extra clamp; however, you might have to alter the seat post to do so.

Convenient Portability

The M-E1’s capacity to be controlled like a shopping cart when the handlebars are unfolded is a novel feature. Because of this, carrying the folded bike in congested places or through narrow spaces is considerably easier. An inventive solution for urban commuters, the bike’s wheels are kept together with a hook, so there’s no possibility of them breaking apart during transit.

Considerations for Weight

Even though it’s lighter than similar models, the M-E1 is still somewhat big at 54 pounds. It may be difficult for some to maneuver in narrow spaces, such as on the upper floors of buildings, even if it’s lighter and simpler to carry than bulkier alternatives.

Addressing Folding Mechanism Concerns

The thick wire connecting the bike’s sections is one possible concern with the folding mechanism. It could get difficult to slide into place over time. But, this is no longer an issue thanks to Montague Bikes’ revised lubricated wrap, which makes the M-E1 easier to unfold and runs more smoothly.

Smooth Riding Experience

The M-E1 provides a riding experience that is both easy and challenging, so you can look forward to every ride with confidence. The Shimano 250-watt mid-drive motor makes pedaling a breeze, allowing riders to effortlessly conquer streets at speeds up to 20 miles per hour. Climbing uphill becomes easy and reasonable even while using high pedal assistance since the bike keeps you engaged.

Comfortable and Effortless

There is a happy medium between ease and activity because riders still feel a good amount of physical exertion with the motor’s help. On longer journeys, you might feel a slight perspiration, but it’s still a pleasant and fulfilling experience. Rare for folding bikes, the M-E1 has enormous 28-inch Schwalbe tires that smooth over rough terrain, and the front suspension makes for an even more comfortable ride.

Subtle Design, Practicality

The stealthy M-E1 design is one of its most notable qualities, allowing it to blend in with urban settings without standing out. The full-size frame of the M-E1 makes it possible for riders to maintain a more comfortable and upright stance, more like that of a cruiser than a small foldable, which is an advantage over many other folding bikes. Unfortunately, not everyone will find the bike’s single size to be comfortable, even though it accommodates a wide range of heights.

Reliable Performance and Range

You can ride with confidence on city streets thanks to the M-E1’s Shimano hydraulic disc brakes, which provide quick and solid stops. By reducing the amount of power they need from the engine, riders may achieve even longer distances, with a maximum assist setting allowing them to travel nearly 30 miles. An extensive dealer network makes repairs and maintenance a breeze, adding to the bike’s already remarkable performance. When compared to rivals like GoCycle and Lectric, Montague’s frame guarantee is five years and the Shimano motor warranty is two.


People who ride electric bikes in cities are understandably anxious about their safety. City dwellers who are wary of leaving their expensive traditional e-bikes unattended on the street have it tough. Keeping these pricey possessions safe is already a challenge, and interior storage space is usually at a premium. But these safety concerns are no longer an issue for riders thanks to the Montague M-E1 electric bike.

Challenges with Traditional E-Bikes in Urban Settings

There are major safety concerns with conventional e-bikes in crowded urban areas. People who ride bikes are understandably wary of leaving their pricey bikes alone on crowded streets for fear of being stolen or damaged. Additionally, interior storage choices are limited, providing riders with few alternatives for securing their costly investment.

Secure Storage with the M-E1

Unlike traditional e-bikes, the Montague M-E1 offers a unique advantage in terms of security: its foldable design allows for easy and secure storage in a closet or other indoor space. This feature addresses the concerns of urban riders who prioritize the safety of their e-bikes while minimizing the footprint of their storage solution.

Convenience and Peace of Mind

The M-E1’s indoor storage capability gives passengers both convenience and security. Riders may rest easy knowing that their M-E1 is safe in a locked closet or other safe place, eliminating any concerns about leaving their bike unattended on the street.


When it comes to electric bikes for city riding and leisure, the Montague M-E1 is a standout. It almost perfectly exemplifies the perfect electric bike for many riders because to its combination of quality, comfort, and functionality.
Thanks to its top-notch build quality, integrated features, and intuitive controls, the M-E1 provides an effortless riding experience that is suitable for both experienced cyclists and newcomers. Its attractiveness is enhanced by its effortless folding mechanism, which makes it a practical option for individuals navigating confined urban areas.
Achieving an ideal balance between effort and aid, the lightweight M-E1 provides a comfortable ride. With its roomy seat, dependable engine, and huge battery life, this bike is perfect for both short trips to work and longer explorations of town.
When it comes to electric bikes, the Montague M-E1 stands out for its meticulous craftsmanship, sturdy construction, and considerate design. Riders looking for a gratifying and fun electric biking experience will find the M-E1 to be a polished and well-rounded option thanks to its solid design, innovative features, and dedication to customer satisfaction through an extended warranty and dealer network.

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What is the weight capacity of the Montague M-E1 electric bike?

Riders weighing up to 250 pounds can ride comfortably on the Montague M-E1 electric bike.

How long does it take to charge the battery of the M-E1 electric bike fully?

It usually takes about three hours to fully charge the M-E1 electric bike’s Shimano 11.6-Ah (36 volt) battery using the charger that comes with the bike.

Is the M-E1 electric bike suitable for riders of different heights?

Because it has a full-size frame, the M-E1 electric bike may fit riders of varying heights. Having said that, people’s tastes in comfort may differ.

Can I adjust the level of pedal assistance on the M-E1 electric bike?

Pedal assistance on the M-E1 electric bike can be adjusted between three levels: Eco, Normal, and High. The controls on the left side of the handlebar make it easy to change these parameters.

What warranty coverage does the Montague M-E1 electric bike offer?

Montague offers a five-year frame warranty and a two-year motor warranty on the M-E1 electric bike. Riding with confidence in the bike’s performance and longevity is made easy with this extensive warranty coverage.

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