Who is Pochita in Chainsaw Man?Origin, Forms, Abilities, and More  

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There isn’t a single aspect of the world of manga or anime in which Chainsaw Man isn’t generating headlines, and the reasons for this are entirely positive. Fans of anime will not want to miss out on this game because it contains one of the most powerful and original characters they have seen in a long time. They are entertaining and endearing, but they pose a significant threat. However, if it weren’t for Pochita, none of it would have been possible. Now, if you don’t know who Pochita is in Chainsaw Man, you just need to read this one article to discover everything you need to know about this adorable yet dangerous character. In this in-depth guide, we go over all there is to know about Pochita, from her history to her abilities to even her flaws. There is a lot to be revealed, so let’s get started right now!

Who is Pochita in Chainsaw Man

In both the manga and the anime adaptation of Chainsaw Man, Pochita serves as the Chainsaw demon. Pochita is a devil who is the expression of the fear of chainsaws, as we discussed in our devils, fiends, and hybrids explainer for Chainsaw Man. Pochita is a hybrid of a devil and a fiend. Pochita was engaged in a struggle with a gang of devils known as the four horsemen before reaching a scenario where she was dangerously close to passing away, as is detailed in Chapter 87 of the manga.

Pochita, in its debilitated state, took on the appearance of a cute dog, and it was then that it met Denji, the protagonist. After that, their friendship continued to develop as Denji was working as a devil hunter to pay off the debts owed to the yakuza by his father. When their connection reaches such a strong point at that time, Pochita makes the selfless offer to take over Denji’s heart in exchange for saving his life, which results in the birth of the Chainsaw Man. Pochita was given access to Denji’s dreams as part of a deal with the devil in exchange for Denji giving her power.

Is Pochita Dead or alive?

It would appear that Pochita gives his own life in order to spare Denji’s in the very first episode of the Chainsaw Man anime series. But you can be certain that this adorable yet lethal demon is still very much alive and very much at work. It has only transformed into Denji’s heart since the shift took place. This is demonstrated when Pochita has a subconscious conversation with Denji and Power near the conclusion of the Public Safety Arc in the CSM manga.

Pochita (Chainsaw Man) Forms

It is time to go over this devil’s different incarnations that exist in the CSM universe now that you are aware of who Pochita is and what role she plays in the story of Chainsaw Man. These are the following:

  • Devil Form
  • Weakened/Near-Death Form
  • Hybrid Form/Chainsaw Man

Devil Form

Pochita manifests initially as the devil, which is also its most potent and original form. It is the only form that can actually eradicate a devil from existence, and it is the only form that exists. More on that is coming up later. Pochita is depicted in this devil form as a human with four arms. Pochita’s look in this devil form. You also get a chainsaw for its head, as well as chainsaws that extend out from each of its arms, giving you a total of five chainsaws.

Pochita’s devil form has its own intestines wrapped around its neck, which serves as the finishing touch to the menacing appearance. In addition, there are two pointed horns perched on top of the chainsaw head, and a stone-like armour covers the majority of his skin.

Pochita will be able to exercise complete dominion over Denji’s body and transform him into his actual demon form in the event that the contract between he and Denji is violated under any circumstances. It is significantly more powerful than the hybrid version of Chainsaw Man (which will be discussed further below), but it also makes the character’s human side more difficult to access.

Weakened/ Near-Death Form

When Pochita is at his most vulnerable state, he transforms into a small and adorable dog-like creature, which we are first introduced to in the first episodes of the Chainsaw Man anime. Pochita is unable to defend itself in this state because it lacks the necessary strength. But it does the job of a reliable weapon, which we see Denji brandishing and using as a chainsaw to defend himself against low-level criminals in order to make a living.

Hybrid Form/ Chainsaw Man

Pochita takes the shape of Denji’s heart in its most recent incarnation in the anime (you can see what this looks like right here). Pochita created the Chainsaw Man hybrid by fusing his own heart with Denji’s in order to prevent Denji from passing away. This action saved Denji’s life. Even in this condition, Pochita maintains a striking resemblance to his adorable but helpless previous incarnation. But he does not have the trademark chainsaw mounted on his head any longer. A cord that hangs out of Genji’s chest takes its place as the new replacement for it. When this cord is pulled, Denji sees chainsaws spinning out of his head and arms, and he transforms into Chainsaw Man, obtaining the power of the chainsaw devil.

Chainsaw Man Pochita: Powers

Every member of the devil clan in the CSM universe possesses some skills that are shared by all of the other members of the devil clan. In addition to those, every devil possesses a unique set of skills that are in tune with the particular kind of terror that they personify. Both sets of powers are represented in this article in separate parts as follows:

Common Devil Abilities

Pochita, along with the vast majority of demons, possesses the following abilities:


Pochita has the ability to quickly heal itself by drinking blood, regardless of the form it takes. However, when he is in his full demon condition, he may even generate without the need for blood. This skill is seen for the first time in the beginning of Chainsaw Man, when Pochita is trying to repair itself by consuming Denji’s blood as part of the story.


Chainsaw Man, in both its devil and hybrid forms, is resilient enough to survive explosions, direct battle, and even intense temperatures with little to no injury. Pochita’s toughness is put to the ultimate test in Chapter 89 when Makima unleashes a variety of strikes on a weakened Chainsaw Man, but he still manages to live. Despite all of these assaults, Pochita is able to prevail.


Pochita possesses incredible physical power, even when compared to that of a demon, which enables him to inflict a significant amount of harm on his adversaries. Pochita’s ability to take on the Four Horsemen and even swallow pieces of them is attested to by the War Devil in manga chapter 104. In this chapter, the War Devil states that Pochita was even able to consume sections of them.


The majority of Pochita’s foes are just unable to keep up with her pace. He may crank up his abilities and slice adversaries before they even have a chance to react. The same thing happens in Chapter 87, when Pochita eliminates Makima’s goons as soon as they come into touch with him.

Special Abilities

The following is a list of powers that are exclusive to Pochita or the Chainsaw Devil:


Pochita has the ability to transform its head, arms, and legs into chainsaws due to the fact that he is the personification of the terror of chainsaws. After then, they can be put to use to quickly and easily dismember adversaries. This skill is frequently utilized throughout the course of all CSM battles.


Pochita can quickly regenerate bodily parts and, if necessary, even a short-term body that is independent of itself. This represents an advanced level of healing for Pochita. When it comes to deceiving Makima, Pochita pushes this capability to its absolute extent in Chapter 95 by creating a second separate body.


Pochita has the ability to disengage the chains that are attached to his chainsaws and use them as additional weapons. On many occasions, he wraps the bodies of his opponents in these chain s before attacking them. Beam claims in chapter 95 that when the circumstances are appropriate, the character can travel almost like Spider-Man by hooking the chains to the sides of buildings and moving much more quickly.

Devil Erasure:

Demons usually go to hell after they die on Earth, and vice versa. On the other hand, if the Chainsaw demon eats another devil, it will disappear. This ability manifests solely in Pochita’s full demon form, but it is strong enough to erase the enemy from existence, both in the physical and psychological senses. Pochita’s skill, however, remains unexplained and mysterious in the manga. In Chapter 84, Kishibe doesn’t remember AIDS or the World Wars, and Makima explains that’s because the devils responsible for those events have been eaten by Pochita.

Partial Devil Elimination: 

The second arc of Chainsaw Man reveals that the devil and its notion are diminished if Pochita merely consumes a portion of the devil. Consuming a piece of the devil does not destroy the devil as a whole. Pochita’s consumption of the War devil’s body parts serves as a living illustration. Therefore, everyone is familiar with the idea of war, although there has been no actual warfare on Earth for quite some time.

Chainsaw Man: Pochita Weakness

Pochita, like all devils in the Chainsaw Man universe, grows stronger as more people dread him, and weakens when less people fear him. The same is true of the general public’s irrational aversion to using a chainsaw. This demon would be in danger if people stopped being afraid of chainsaws.

Keep in mind that Pochita harbours secret feelings for Denji. If an adversary really wants to hurt Pochita, they should go for the human side of Denji. Other than these elements, there is absolutely no recognised vulnerability of Pochita for now. However, future chapters of Chainsaw Man will test his mettle and expose his vulnerabilities.

Why Does Every Devil Want Chainsaw Man’s Heart

You probably already guessed that Pochita is the only devil with the ability to destroy another devil. Most devils are limited to either killing humans or transporting them between the underworld and the surface world. Devil Erasure, however, allows Pochita to eat a devil and erase their very existence. Once a devil has been erased, all traces of that devil’s existence are also erased. The very existence of such a devil, let alone the terror it inspired, is forgotten.

The devil and the human world would both be drastically altered by such power. So, for that reason, some devils want to capture the Chainsaw Man’s heart, and thus, Pochita in the hybrid form, to control this power. Some people just want to get rid of all that power by eliminating Chainsaw Man or Pochita. Killing him wouldn’t be as easy as it sounds, though, for only Pochita can erase devils from existence.


Chainsaw Man’s Pochita character is an intriguing examination of vulnerability, selflessness, and control. Due to the complexity of the tale, it plays a key and fascinating role in both the manga and anime adaptations. Pochita’s role and significance in the emerging Chainsaw Man storyline are sure to intrigue viewers and add dimension to the story.


What does Chainsaw Man “Pochita” mean?

Things of a diminutive nature are called “pochi” in Japanese. It is also a frequent name for dogs in Japan. “ita” is typically used to refer to items that “were there” at the time. Nonetheless, there are a few diehards who think the name was inspired by the Makita brand of chainsaws. The orange chainsaw from that brand is visually similar to Pochita.

How did Denji meet Pochita?

After Denji visited his father’s grave, he ran into Pochita there. Pochita was hurt at the moment, so Denji gave the devil some of his blood to help him recover.

What is Pochita the devil of?

Pochita is the chainsaw devil, and she draws her strength from people’s irrational dread of chainsaws.

What happens to Pochita?

Pochita gives up his body and transforms into Denji’s heart in order to rescue Denji from certain death and ensure that his aspirations are realized. In the process of doing so, he imparts all of his chainsaw devil abilities onto Denji.

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