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FC 24

The series of popular FIFA football simulators is ceasing to exist, but football fans should not worry – we are only talking about a name change since EA Games and the FIFA football organization of the same name could not agree on the extension of the agreement to use the trademark for one’s purposes

The new project is called FC 24 and players can fully enjoy the new release and features that game developers from EA Sports have prepared to complement and improve existing mechanics.

In particular, the graphical component has also changed – it affected mostly not the visual aspects and the reaction of the stadium – they were at a fairly high level before, and the progress affected each player – in his reaction to the positive and negative moments of the match. Interceptions, injuries, goals scored and most importantly, the individual chips of each player are now felt and perceived differently, which adds new emotions when interacting with idols.

This will even encourage some players to buy FC 24 coins and acquire their favorite player in the transfer window, without wasting time on game packs with a chance of success.

Card development

Anyone who has been playing FIFA for a long time, and now FC 24, knows that the main role in the online mode is played by sets of players – by choosing your favorite club, you do not get all the players with current contracts, but you get sets with random performers, from whom you must assemble a decent team and achieve high enough teamwork parameters to qualify for good results in matches.

Each player has a set of characteristics that depends on the quality of the cards – bronze, silver, gold – or a current FIFA rating, which directly affects the player’s overall gaming potential.

With the release of FC 24, the situation has changed – if previously players opened their first sets and immediately went to play matches, earn new coins, and buy more expensive sets, to get players with the best scores in speed, accuracy, hitting power and overall team chemistry.

Now, each card can be upgraded through tasks to make the player stronger than his base potential. This adds a lot of variation to the economy format or strengthens the playing composition for your team.

The most cunning players pump up popular bronze-level players and sell them for much more, earning a lot of cheap FC 24 coins, simply due to their active gameplay. For those looking for an edge, exploring FIFA 24 cheats could be the key to success in the game.

The same approach will help players who want to complement their team’s capabilities – you can simply invest your efforts in top players from the moment you have them – getting an improved Messi, Ronaldo, Mbappé and other stars costs a lot, but now top teams and players will compete not only in their skill, but will also have the opportunity to significantly increase their chances due to the power of the players when playing with an opponent of equal strength, and even buying FC 24 coins will not necessarily change the situation for another player.

Player uniqueness and description

Now, under each football player’s card, his strengths will be described and emphasized due to the implementation of game mechanics.

For example, Ronaldo and Mbappé are athletes with a fast sprint and a strong blow, while Messi and Neymar are masters of dribbling, that is, they know how to quickly and efficiently dribble past opponents.

All these mechanics will be described on cards and implemented in game moments, when some players will uniquely outwit their opponents, or accelerate stronger and faster than others.

Full and combined women’s league

FC 24

A league with female soccer players is not new for FIFA, since the new format was introduced earlier, but it is in the new part of the popular soccer franchise that you can now combine your team between women and men.

If you are an avid fan of women’s football and want to get Alex Morgan and other famous football players in your squad and put them on the same team as Messi, Ronaldo, and other stars, then you will have such an opportunity, but in terms of rarity and price, many cards will be similar to the men’s football and may require quite a few FC 24 coins to form the team of your dreams.

What formats should you play to quickly gain FC 24 coins?

Despite the new name, FC 24 remains based on the same principles as FIFA 23 and earlier versions.

Division matches

The simplest format that will bring you coins regardless of your result, which is good for beginners who will most likely lose more matches than win them; nevertheless, they will receive FC 24 coins, albeit not in such large quantities as for victories.

A double bonus and benefit will be the opportunity to qualify for a weekend tournament, where you can get at least one gold pack with random high-level football players.

To participate, you need to score 1,500 points, which can be easily earned by participating in matches throughout the week. Even with frequent defeats, you can gain the required amount by simply having more fights than before.

FC 24 tasks

Now tasks in a football simulator are of particular importance, since they not only earn additional FC 24 coins, but also enhance cards with various players – the process is not quick, but it may well become regular.

The tasks may be different, but they are always in-game tasks that can be completed in several games, it is extremely important to have time to do this within the specified period on the task itself.

These could be tasks of intercepting enemy passes a specified number of times, successful tackles, matches without penalty cards, releasing players from a certain country onto the field, and other tasks.

Weekly tasks are more difficult to complete in terms of the number of assignments, but the reward will be much higher.

Play Squad Challenges

When you first come online, the issue of earning a large number of FC 24 coins will become especially acute, because they run out quickly and are replenished extremely slowly, and you need to constantly try to open new sets to qualify for high-class players.

Testing teams will allow you to earn game coins by completing interesting and sometimes unusual orders from the board of directors, such as releasing players from Ireland onto the field.

Tasks are often created the same for all players, which sharply leads to an increase in prices for cheap cards of players of a certain nationality.

The same Irish can skyrocket in price, and it’s good if you have them to complete the task in excess for a profitable sale.


One of the most profitable tournaments is held on the weekend and is called the Weekend League.

You need to qualify in the division system, get into the qualifications, and pass it by winning at least 4 matches out of 10.

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