A Glimpse into the Life of Sirius Seven Benjamin

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Being born into the famous family of two music industry giants puts Sirius Seven Benjamin in the spotlight all the time. His parents, the iconic soul music artist and rapper, have left indelible marks on the history of music. Benjamin chooses a low-key existence that deviates from the expected route of famous offspring, even if he comes from an illuminating family history.

Here we examine the complexities of Sirius Seven Benjamin’s journey while living in the shadow of his parents’ enormous renown, delving into their mysterious lives. Benjamin has a natural gift for music, but his story takes a twist that puts him in the spotlight less often, showing that he enjoys exploring interests outside of music.

Come with us as we explore Sirius Seven Benjamin’s life, illuminating the intricacies and decisions that shape his singular existence in a universe where fame is innate and a choice.

A Glimpse into the Life of Seven Sirius Benjamin


The son of legendary hip-hop artist Andre 3000 and soulful vocalist Erykah Badu, Seven Sirius Benjamin was born in Dallas, Texas in 1997. Despite his illustrious pedigree, Seven keeps a modest profile on social media, which further shrouds his life in mystery.

Family Ties:

Seven has two younger siblings—Mars Merkaba Thedford and Puma Sabti Curry—who have separate fathers. His upbringing is enhanced by this intriguing familial dynamic.

Unconventional Education:

As atypical for his age, Seven skipped out on the typical route of attending a regular elementary school.

Instead, his mother, Erykah Badu, educated him at home, occasionally transforming their music studio into an ad hoc lecture hall.

His mother continued to prioritize education even during the demanding tour, taking on the job of a bus tutor.

Beyond the Limelight:

Keeping a low-key internet presence, Seven Sirius Benjamin chooses to avoid the relentless scrutiny that typically comes with fame, even if she is the offspring of music giants. The public is even more curious about his life now that he has chosen to be private.

Resemblance to a Legend:

Seven has earned the affectionate nickname of “Andre 3000’s twin” owing to the strong resemblance he bears to his father, Andre 3000. This physical likeness has not only strengthened his connection to the musical history passed down through centuries but has also sparked intrigue.

Seven Sirius Benjamin becomes an interesting character, weaving his story into the fabric of his illustrious ancestry, via a combination of an unusual upbringing, a peculiar family structure, and a deliberate evasion of the limelight.

Seven Sirius Benjamin: Navigating Academia, Music, and Independence

Academic Achievements and Choices:

Seven Sirius Benjamin, Erykah Badu’s kid, received acceptance letters from every college he applied to in 2016, as she happily tweeted about it. When he first started out in college, he studied psychology, art, and science. His varied interests and dedication to his academic route were on display in 2019, when it became public knowledge that he had choose to concentrate in Botany and Psychology.

A Heartfelt Commitment to Family:

Upon his return from college, Seven Sirius Benjamin devoted his time to tutoring his sister, in addition to his academic interests. This was conveyed by his mother, Erykah Badu, in a touching Instagram post that highlighted his dedication to family and education.

Musical Inclinations and Undisclosed Talents:

Even though Seven Sirius Benjamin has a reputation for having a gift for music, she has not yet decided whether or not to make a career out of her singing. Many wonder if he will become a hip-hop artist like his famous father, Andre 3000. But Andre was always on board with Seven’s decisions, stressing how important it was for his son to go his own way and be independent.

Lyrical Talents in the Shadows:

While making an unexpected cameo on Kid Kraddick In The Morning, Andre 3000 hinted to his son’s exceptional rap chops. Seven Sirius Benjamin is willing to keep his musical talents under wraps, which only serves to heighten the intrigue surrounding his possible career in music despite his obvious aptitude.

The Enigmatic Wealth of Seven Sirius Benjamin

A Private Lifestyle Shrouds Seven Sirius Benjamin’s Net Worth

Seven Sirius Benjamin has kept his private life, including his finances, out of the spotlight. Seven Sirius Benjamin is the private son of famous musician Andre 3000, and his concealed wealth is a reflection of that.

Andre 3000’s Financial Legacy

Even though Seven Sirius Benjamin’s wealth is a closely guarded secret, Celebrity Net Worth reports that his father, Andre 3000, has a net worth of $35 million. The younger Benjamin is forging his own unique path away from the limelight, but the elder Benjamin’s economic success adds an interesting dimension to the family’s total riches.

The Artistic Legacy of Seven Sirius Benjamin’s Family

André Lauren Benjamin (André 3000) and Erykah Badu’s only kid, Seven Sirius Benjamin, has strong musical roots. Seven Sirius Benjamin’s upbringing was influenced by a unique blend of his parents’ musical journeys, accomplishments, and styles, as discussed in this article.

André Lauren Benjamin’s Early Life and Musical Journey:

Sharon Benjamin raised André Lauren Benjamin, who was born in Atlanta, Georgia, on May 27, 1975. Despite obstacles, he managed to attend more than one school, where he befriended rapper Fonzworth Bentley and developed a connection that would last a lifetime. With the 1992 formation of OutKast by André and his high school pal Antwan “Big Boi” Patton, André embarked on his musical career. “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik” (1994), the duo’s debut album, was the catalyst for André’s groundbreaking career.

OutKast’s Evolution and Breakthrough Album:

Albums such as “ATLiens” (1996), “Aquemini” (1998), and “Stankonia” (2000) catapulted OutKast to superstardom. Yet André’s adaptability was on full display in the seminal “Speakerbox/The Love Below”(2003). “Hey Ya!,” the chart-topping single from his solo album “The Love Below,” solidified his position as a multi-genre musician.

Post-OutKast Ventures and Collaborations:

André 3000 worked with UGK, Frank Ocean, Kanye West, and others when OutKast went on sabbatical. He further cemented his position as a musical innovator with solo work that reflected his varied sound and inventive production techniques.

Erykah Badu’s Rise to Neo-Soul Royalty:

Born Erica Abi Wright on February 26, 1971, Erykah Badu became a major player in the neo-soul scene of the late ’90s.

Badu was crowned the “Queen of Neo Soul,” and her debut album, “Baduizm” (1997), achieved triple platinum status. One distinctive feature that set Badu apart was her ability to blend R&B, soul, and hip-hop.

Musical Milestones and Unique Style:

“Mama’s Gun” (2000) and “Worldwide Underground” (2003) were two of Badu’s later albums that demonstrated her musical talent even more. Badu was well-known for her jazz-influenced singing technique, but her outlandish stylistic choices and membership in the Soulquarians collective really set her apart.

Acting Career and Beyond:

Songstress Badu is also known for her supporting appearances in films such as “Blues Brothers 2000” and “The Cider House Rules.” One of her many abilities is her work in documentaries; she has been in “Before the Music Dies” and “The Black Power Mixtape 1967-1975.”

Family Ties:

Their culturally diverse upbringing is seen in Seven Sirius Benjamin, the progeny of these two musical titans. The paths that André 3000 and Erykah Badu take together create an atmosphere that surely shapes Seven Sirius Benjamin’s creative preferences.

The Dynamic Relationship of André 3000 and Erykah Badu and Their Son’s Low-Key Lifestyle

Rather than beginning as friends, the legendary musical pair André 3000 and Erykah Badu had a love affair that blossomed in the late ’90s. Their initial meeting blossomed into a partnership, and they had a son, Seven Sirius Benjamin, shortly after.

The Unconventional Beginning:

Erykah Badu said that her relationship with André went straight from friends to lovers in an interview she gave to Rolling Stone’s “Musicians on Musicians” feature in 2020. They were initially attracted to each other, then became a couple. They subsequently found that they had a lot in common, and they were very close as friends and people.

Beyond Romance:

Erykah Badu highlighted that she and André 3000 have kept up a close and long-lasting relationship, even if their sexual involvement ended in 1999. She spoke highly of their profound mutual regard and referred to him as a closest friend. According to Badu, their bond can take on many forms, including that of a father and daughter, a grandfather and grandchild, or even a sibling relationship.

Seven Sirius Benjamin:

Upon closer inspection, we discover that they tied the knot, and their child, Seven Sirius Benjamin, is presently 25 years old.

Benjamin, born on November 18, 1997, will celebrate his 26th birthday in 2023. Seven Sirius Benjamin purposefully remains out of the spotlight.

, rarely appearing on his parents’ social media, even though he is the son of two legendary musicians.

Life Away from the Limelight:

In 2020, Erykah Badu posted a video to Instagram that gave fans a rare look at her relationship with Benjamin. In the clip, the two were seen chilling out in a car while listening to Lil Yachty’s music. A lot of people have noticed how much Benjamin looks like his dad, André 3000. After that, he decided he didn’t want to be famous and rarely appeared on his parents’ social media.


Amidst the musical canon that André 3000 and Erykah Badu have left behind, Seven Sirius Benjamin stands as a monument to uniqueness and purposeful seclusion. Benjamin embraces a low-key lifestyle, avoiding the limelight on purpose, and his journey away from his famous parents’ shadows is intriguing.

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