That Which Flows By: Dive into the Historical Webtoon World


That Which Flows By

Have you ever pondered the meteoric rise of historical webtoons in the realm of digital media? One of the most popular films in this category is “That Which Flows By” (,다비, 아찔하게 흐르는 , Dabi, ajjilhage heureuneun). Let’s dig deeper.

The Beauty of Historical Webtoons

Webcomics set in the past aren’t simply about the past; they’re a wonderful blend of fiction and fact, expertly weaved together to tell a gripping story. Do you recall the days when we’d lose ourselves in the past, hoping for a little more color and excitement? That is what webcomics like “That Which Flows By” give you: a canvas painted with historical accuracy and artistic freedom.

Webtoons emerged in 1997 as an online form of diary-keeping by those who had lost their jobs as a result of the Asian Financial Crisis. These gradually gave way to increasingly intricate tales crafted by pros and amateurs alike, which fused styles and genres in novel ways and tackled pressing societal concerns in modern-day Korea.

An Overview of the Webtoon’s Plot

While we won’t give too much away (what’s the fun in that? ), the webcomic is an exciting adventure through history, geography, and human experience. The plot promises an emotional roller coaster with sympathetic protagonists and antagonists.

About the Creators: Softcorn and Eunbi Lee

Softcorn’s Contribution

There isn’t just any creator like Softcorn. With his skill in illustrating historical moments, Softcorn makes sure “That Which Flows By” is more than simply another webtoon.

Eunbi Lee’s Original Work

There’s always a fantastic original work that inspired a webtoon’s success. Like a tranquil river stream that suddenly becomes raging rapids, Eunbi Lee’s plot will keep readers on their toes.

What Makes “That Which Flows By” Unique

The Artistry Behind the Webtoon

The pictures are more than just sketches; they’re visual poetry. Have you ever witnessed an image that made your heart ache in ways you didn’t know it could? That’s the effect of Eunbi Lee’s gripping story and Softcorn’s stunning visuals.

The Cultural Significance

Webcomics based on real-life events not only entertain, but also teach us about the past. Readers of “That Which Flows By” are taken to a place that, while foreign, is still comfortingly familiar.

The Power of Premiering on Naver

Popularity and Reception on Naver

It’s not simply a badge of honor to have your webtoon debut on Naver; it’s also a reflection of how well done it is. The webtoon will finally get the attention and readership it deserves by being featured on such a famous site.

The Growth of Korean Webtoons Internationally

Who knew that Korean webtoons would explode in popularity around the world? Webtoons like “That Which Flows By” can reach an international audience thanks to the efforts of platforms like Naver.

Anticipation: A New Episode Every Friday

The Thrill of Weekly Updates

Expecting a new episode on Fridays is like waiting for your favorite television program to return. Do you agree that it’s worth it to wait because of all the talk and speculation among fans?

Engaging with a Global Audience

The global reach of the internet has resulted in readers for “That Which Flows By” coming from all walks of life and all corners of the globe. The webtoon’s ability to attract such a wide range of viewers is a testament to its broad appeal.

First Episode: A Recap To Give You A Taste

General Gyeol Seo has Dani, a Jurchen girl he rescued from a bandit attack, bring him tea in his Hanyang home. Due to reports that the general kills everyone who looks Jurchen, regardless of gender or age, she has no choice but to pretend to be from Joseon. On the other hand, Gyeol has a lot of people out to get him and is unable to drink clean water due of a terrible occurrence that happened to him when he was a child. Can Dani and Gyeol Seo beat the odds and make it?



There’s more to “That Which Flows By” than just a webtoon. The greatest of historical storytelling, art, and cultural relevance are all on display in this remarkable collaboration between Softcorn and Eunbi Lee. This webtoon could become your new favorite if you’re seeking for something longer than a quick diversion.

Something You Should Know

Where can I read Webtoons for free?

The WEBTOON app is available for no cost. Original programs on WEBTOON are available for no cost, while continuing series are updated every week. With Fast Pass, you may buy access to the newest episodes before everyone else in exchange for Coins. The newest chapters are available through Fast Pass before their normal publication date.

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