The Difference Between Economic and Non-Economic Damages in a Personal Injury Claim

Ella McCain

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You may be entitled to monetary compensation after experiencing an injury due to an accident caused by someone else’s negligence or recklessness. The type and amount of compensation you receive depends on the specifics of your case.

While true, there are two main categories of compensation to understand – economic and non-economic damages.

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Economic Damages

Economic damages, often called “special damages,” encompass the direct financial losses a victim incurs due to their injury. These damages are quantifiable, meaning they can be calculated and substantiated through bills, receipts, and other financial documents. 

Here’s a closer look at the types of economic damages:

Medical Expenses:

This can include costs for emergency room visits, hospital stays, surgeries, medications, physical therapy, and any ongoing medical treatments necessary due to the injury.

Lost Wages:

If your injury has kept you from working, you can claim compensation for your lost income during your recovery period. This also extends to lost earning capacity if your ability to work in the future has been compromised.

Property Damage:

In cases where personal property was damaged due to the incident (such as in a car accident), you can be compensated for repairs or replacement of the property.

Other Out-of-Pocket Expenses:

Any other costs directly related to the injury, such as travel expenses to medical appointments or hiring help for household tasks you cannot perform, can also be included.

Securing full compensation for economic damages often requires thorough documentation and sometimes expert testimony. A Denver personal injury attorney near you can help gather the necessary evidence and advocate for your right to comprehensive compensation.

Non-Economic Damages

While economic damages address the financial impact of an injury, non-economic damages compensate victims for the intangible, subjective losses they suffer. These damages are inherently more challenging to quantify but are equally important in recognizing the full extent of a victim’s suffering. 

Non-economic damages can include:

Pain and Suffering:

This encompasses the physical pain and discomfort experienced during the injury and recovery process and any long-term physical suffering.

Emotional Distress:

Victims can also receive compensation for the psychological impact of their injuries, including anxiety, depression, PTSD, and loss of enjoyment of life.

Loss of Consortium:

In severe cases, the injured party’s loved ones may be compensated for losing companionship, affection, and support due to the injury.

Calculating non-economic damages is more subjective and can vary significantly from case to case. Factors such as the severity of the injury, its long-term implications, and the impact on the victim’s quality of life are considered. A skilled Denver personal injury attorney near you is critical in effectively communicating these impacts to ensure fair compensation.

The Role of a Denver Personal Injury Attorney Near You

Navigating the complexities of a personal injury claim can be overwhelming, particularly when dealing with the nuances of economic and non-economic damages. An experienced personal injury attorney in Denver can provide invaluable assistance by:

Evaluating Your Case:

An attorney can assess your case’s specifics to determine the damages you may be eligible for, ensuring no potential compensation is overlooked.

Gathering Evidence:

From medical records to expert testimonies, your attorney will compile the evidence necessary to support your claim for economic and non-economic damages.

Negotiating with Insurance Companies:

Insurers often attempt to minimize payouts. A seasoned attorney will negotiate on your behalf to ensure you receive a fair settlement that reflects the full extent of your damages.

Providing Legal Representation:

If your case goes to court, having a skilled lawyer to represent your interests is crucial. They’ll present a compelling case to the jury, highlighting your economic and non-economic losses.

Secure the Full Compensation You Are Entitled To

Understanding and pursuing both economic and non-economic damages is key to achieving a fair resolution in the aftermath of a personal injury. While economic damages cover tangible financial losses, non-economic damages recognize an injury’s deeper, more personal impacts. 

Seeking the guidance of a competent Denver personal injury attorney near you can significantly enhance your ability to secure the full compensation you’re entitled to. Remember, you don’t have to navigate this challenging time alone; legal assistance is available to help you through every step.

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