The Natural Way To Stay Healthy in the Winter – Guide To Coping With the Coldest Season

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Natural Way To Stay Healthy in the Winter

As predictable as seasonal shifts are, it can be overwhelming to deal with the related health challenges as a parent. With fewer sunlight hours every day, you may notice your children have more intense mood swings and lower energy. Anxiety can also flare during the winter. Explore the benefits of natural anxiety relief for kids, and use these health tips to cope with the coldest season.

Impact of Winter Weather

There are scientific reasons behind the slumps in mental health during the winter. When the seasons change, there are more dark hours in the day, which may shift your brain’s chemistry. These shifts make you and your children more prone to sadness.

As the temperature drops, your immune system can also take a hit. As you head into winter, there’s a higher chance that you and your children will catch a virus such as a cold or the flu.

When it’s dark outside, your body produces melatonin to induce a sleepy state. Because winter is a darker season with the sun rising later and setting earlier, you and your kids might feel more tired than usual. Combine that with the fact that your children likely can’t pursue their favorite outdoor activities, and you will notice increased restlessness.

Seasonal Mental Health Strategies

Feeling low or blue for a brief period is normal, but your children might experience more serious shifts in mental health during the winter. If your child struggles with social anxiety or has trouble focusing, you might notice that things get harder for them at this time of year. Consider over the counter ADHD medication for child as a way to support your family with a holistic health solution. 

Other things you can do to help your children navigate the stresses of winter are:

  • Purchase a natural sunlight lamp for the bedroom
  • Go for daily walks around the neighborhood
  • Reduce screen time by hosting family game nights
  • Dedicate time to hobbies and artistic activities 
  • Take a trip to a unique destination away from home

Talk about self-care with your children and discuss how you can all take steps to make the winter season less jarring. Make sure to listen to your children with an open mind.

Holistic Approaches to Cold Weather Wellness

Many daily factors can impact your mental and physical health during the winter, so it’s important to take a holistic approach to winter wellness. Getting good quality sleep is crucial to supporting both your mental health and your immune system. During the cold season, your body may need up to two hours more sleep than usual. Winter is a great time to tighten up your family’s bedtime routine.

Nutrition and exercise are also key components of winter wellbeing. Seasonal offerings such as squash, pumpkin, and other root vegetables are easy to add to winter meals and provide many key nutrients. Encourage your children to help you in the kitchen, and turn on some tunes to get your bodies moving while you’re at it.

There’s more than one way to support your child’s mental health. Read Brillia for children reviews to see how this natural medication has helped families navigate anxiety and ADHD with positive results.

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