The Ultimate Guide to GRE Coaching in India

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GRE Coaching

The GRE (Graduate Record Examination) is the accepted standardized test for securing admissions globally. The exam tests students on 3 critical facets – Quantitative Reasoning, Verbal Reasoning, and Analytical WritingEach section checks candidates’ readiness for their applied graduate course program and academic potential. Most top-tier graduate schools worldwide use GRE test results to compare candidates and determine if they’re fit for the applied course abroad. Of course, some learning programs do not requireGRE test scores. Hence, while figuring out your preferred academic course learning, check if the sorted institution accepts the test scores for their grad (and post-grad) enrolment criteria. 

The test scores hold particular importance in the U.S.A., Canada and other North American colleges and universities. Hence, those in India aspiring to study in any of the above locations must secure the benchmark GRE score required by its institutions. One surefire way to guarantee success is by joining the best GRE coaching in India.

The website comprises an elite panel of tutors well-versed in the exam format and featured questions. Using their familiarity and teaching experience, they will educate you on everything about this crucial test. Additionally, they will provide you with useful study resources, materials and sample papers to improve your solving skills for the big day. 

While You Think about It, Here’s A Guide to GRE Coaching in India.

  • Top-Class Experts

The platform has the best GRE tutors in India, each with plenty of coaching experience. Being well-versed in the exam format, they assist learners in perfecting their problem-solving and time-management skills. They will expertly guide you through each exam section and timing and arrange repeated online mock tests and practice paper samples to boost your confidence before the exam day. 

  • Personalized Attention

A one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work in GRE preparation. The platform understands this and offers tailored tutoring to match each student’s learning style and methods.

  • Comprehensive Study Materials

Considered among the best study abroad consultants in the country, the platform delivers comprehensive study materials for sound preparation. These resources and materials adhere to the latest GRE test syllabus and exam patterns, thus giving first-timers a glimpse of what to expect on the main paper. 

Some of Those Top GRE Study Materials Include as Follows –

  1. The Kaplan GRE Prep Plus
  2. TPB GRE Prep Review Book
  3. The Princeton Review GRE Premium Prep
  4. GRE Prep Book by Magoosh
  5. The Official GRE Super Power Pack
  6. Barron’s GRE Essential Words, 5th Edition
  • Tried and Tested Methodology

Besides the above U.S.P.s, this platform comprises a tried and tested method to aid countless aspirants nationwide in securing their desired GRE benchmark score. Their tutoring focuses on content mastery and real-time test-taking strategies. The selected expert equips you with all the necessary know-how and familiarity to excel on test day. 

  • Instant Doubt-Clarifications

When preparing for the GRE test, you may have doubts and uncertainties some sections. Luckily, the platform’s experts will resolve your confusion and ensure your preparation isn’t hindered in any way. Contact their experts anytime for clarifications on any GRE prep course topic.

  • Score Reporting Information

The platform equips you to tackle every GRE sectional question confidently and informs you of the test’s scoring range. 

  1. Quantitative Reasoning – The score range is 130-170 (one-point increment).
  2. Verbal Reasoning – The scoring range is between 130-170 (one-point increment).
  3. Analytical Writing – The scoring range exists between 0-6 (half-point increment).
  • Crucial Exam Day Tips for Novices

The above platform also shares some helpful tips for novices. Some crucial ones include as following –

  1. You must always bring two valid and acceptable I.D. forms with a current photo for verification (e.g., Passport, Driving license, national/state I.D. card).
  2. Avoid bringing any wearable gadgets, as you will be scanned and prevented from taking them inside. 
  3. Keep phones silent during the exam.
  4. Use the available onscreen calculator for the quaint measure.
  5. Properly read instructions before answering.
  6. Always review answers after finishing a section.     
  7. Pace yourself. Avoid spending too much time on a question.
  8. Don’t leave questions unanswered; there is no negative marking for answering incorrectly.
  9. Take deep breaths if you feel stressed. Trust your preparation and your abilities.

Specialized GRE Prep Club for First-Time Test Takers

  • Flexible morning and evening batch facility.
  • Free access to archived lectures.
  • 200+ practice modules and 10 online mock tests.
  • 30 sectional exams focus on the quantitative and verbal sections.
  • Well-compiled e-books on GRE live curriculum 
  • E.T.S. official textbook
  • Doubt-solving from top experts

Tips for Finding Other Top Options for GRE Coaching in India

While the above platform offers you everything you need to score well on the main paper, FOLLOW THESE TIPS if you wish to search for more options before making the final call.

  • Check Students’ Reviews 

You must check customer reviews of the platforms you’re exploring to learn about their various service parameters. Focus on negative and positive reviews from various students to gain clarity on the coaching quality. 

  • Learn About Experts’ Credentials

Next, you must check the expert’s qualifications and experience in delivering GRE coaching to students. Refer to the expert’s profile and learn about their educational credentials and specialized GRE industry experience.

  • Enquire About Trial Sessions

Some noteworthy websites offer trial periods (like a free 30-minute consultation or demo classes). Such conveniences make it easier for students to decide the quality of learning imparted through the coaching sessions. Students can evaluate if the coaching package matches their learning goals based on what they see. 

  • Find Out Their Coaching Costs

You must also check the coaching cost and whether it suits your pockets. For that, you must compare the package costs of several coaching platforms. Also, determine what is included in those packages and how much value it adds to your final preparation. Check their package features – mock tests, practice papers, doubt clarification sessions, and test-taking tips for the main paper. 

  • Ease of Communication

You must also consider associating with a study abroad platform, allowing easy communication with their GRE tutors. Most top-tier platforms offer 24×7 access to the selected tutor to ask questions and resolve doubts and queries whenever required. So, check this service feature when selecting your options.

Other Noteworthy Platforms for GRE Coaching in India

  1. Manya Education
  2. Jamboree
  3. Career Launcher
  4. T.I.M.E.
  5. Abhyaas
  6. Crack Verbal
  7. I.M.S. Coaching
  8. Endeavor
  9. Eduweb World Education
  10. Y-AXIS

Final Verdict

Post-pandemic, the trend of online coaching has spiked exponentially. Students feel more comfortable enrolling in online courses and test prep coaching. They can learn at their convenience, connect with the chosen expert whenever they need help, and improve their problem-solving precision and speed. 

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