goldman sachs: no us government shutdown in 2023


government shutdown 2023

The uncertainty that surrounds finance and politics is a constant companion. Goldman Sachs recently revised its predictions regarding a U.S. shutdown. Despite its removal of the forecast for such an event in 2023, citing new geopolitical risks and a change in leadership in the House of Representatives, the renowned brokerage firm remains cautious about 2024.

Previously, Goldman Sachs had projected a government shutdown lasting up to 2-3 weeks in the final quarter of 2023. However, this prognosis now appears far less likely, according to the firm’s economists.

The escalating conflict in Israel, along with other emerging geopolitical tensions, including recent U.S. airstrikes in Syria, have altered the landscape. As a result of these global concerns, the U.S. Congress is less inclined to allow a government shutdown. However, shutdowns affect various sectors, including the military in a ripple effect.

The recent election of House Speaker Mike Johnson, following weeks of internal strife within the House of Representatives, has further diminished the chances of a government shutdown. A stable leader can help avoid such crises, according to Hatzius and his Goldman Sachs economists.

The possibility of a government shutdown in early 2024 has not been ruled out by Jan Hatzius, despite the optimism for 2023. As a result, this lingering risk arises from the belief that a temporary extension of the spending bill, which is scheduled to be addressed by November 17, is unlikely to resolve the underlying policy issues.

The longer the government operates under short-term extensions, the less likely Congress is to reach a deal on full-year spending bills.” Therefore, a potential shutdown early in 2024 remains uncertain.

In the ever-shifting landscape of U.S. politics and global geopolitics, predicting government actions can be a daunting task. Goldman Sachs’ revised forecast reflects the intricate web of factors influencing such decisions. It appears that the immediate threat of a government shutdown in 2023 has diminished, but the caution for 2024 reminds us that economic stability remains fragile.

In conclusion, the intricate dance of politics and global events keeps economists and experts on their toes, but for now, the immediate threat of a U.S. government shutdown has receded in 2023. Even so, uncertainty and caution continue to loom over the horizon as we approach 2024.

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