What Stores Accept United Healthcare OTC Card


What Stores Accept United Healthcare OTC Card

People are always looking for new methods to maximize their health benefits in today’s ever-changing healthcare system. The United Healthcare Over-the-Counter card is a great resource that many people leave untapped. The purpose of this card is to allow eligible members to buy OTC health and wellness goods at participating merchants. To get the most out of this card, you need to know when and when to utilize it.

Understanding United Healthcare OTC Cards

More than just a piece of plastic, the United Healthcare OTC card opens doors to a world of health and wellness items. You must understand its function and advantages in order to completely value it. The purpose of this article is to help United Healthcare OTC cardholders by listing the establishments that accept their card.

Activate Online Account

Activate your UCard through myuhc.com, ensuring it’s ready for use when your coverage begins. Follow the simple steps to register, and don’t forget to check for a HealthSafe ID®.

Accessing myuhc.com® Account

Explore the personalized member website for a comprehensive view of your health plan benefits. From checking claims to researching treatment costs, this account is your health companion.

The Convenience of the UnitedHealthcare App

Discover the perks of having your health plan and ID card at your fingertips. The UnitedHealthcare® app allows you to find nearby care options, track your deductible progress, and more.

Where Can You Shop?

Locate thousands of participating stores that accept the OTC Card, including major retailers like Walmart, Walgreens, CVS, and Kroger. Ensure your shopping experience is seamless and convenient.

Paying Utility Bills

Did you know you can use your OTC credit to pay eligible utility bills? Learn how to make online payments, over-the-phone transactions, or utilize local Walmart MoneyCenters.

OTC Product Selection

Uncover the vast array of brand name and generic OTC products available. From vitamins to pain relievers, toothpaste, and cough drops, your UCard opens doors to a world of health and wellness.

Enhancing Your Medicare Advantage Plan

Your UnitedHealthcare UCard is not just an ID – it’s a gateway to additional rewards, gym memberships, and OTC product credits. Learn how to maximize your benefits.

Unlocking Member Benefits

Discover the simplicity of using your UCard when visiting providers, filling prescriptions, checking in at the gym, purchasing healthy food, and paying utility bills.

UCard Hub

Explore the UCard Hub, an online platform offering easy management of benefits and rewards. Check balances, find participating stores, shop online, and get answers to common questions.


In conclusion, the United Healthcare OTC Card is a valuable asset that goes beyond the traditional health plan. By understanding the activation process, participating stores, and additional benefits, you can make the most out of your healthcare coverage.

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