Calculator & Tracker for WWPP for Android: Managing Your Weight Watchers Points Plus

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You must keep track of your food consumption and stay under your daily Smart Points allocation if you are following the Weight Watchers programmer. The Calculator & Tracker for WWPP for Android can help you organize and keep track of your WWPP contributions. In this detailed tutorial, we’ll go over how this programmer can help you lose weight, how to use it properly, and what its best features are. Let’s launch you on the path to better health!

Developer’s Description

Version 4 of the Calculator & Tracker for WWPP is here, and it’s better than ever! This release has been in the works for a while, and it’s been completely rewritten and restructured so that future upgrades and improvements will be a breeze.

Use the new and updated tracker to keep track of the points you’ve earned from your meals, whether you’re using the new Weight Watchers Points Plus system or the tried-and-true Classic Points system. Not sure how many points you’re allowed to consume per day? Check out the app’s “Daily Points Allowance” feature.

Don’t want to keep inputting the same nutritional information for your meals? Good! The newest edition has a built-in food database where you may keep track of your top 20 staples for fast access. You can have access to all of the meals in the app by making an in-app payment.

What is WWPP?

Just before we start using the software, let’s review what WWPP is. Weight Watchers, or WW as it is more often known, has been a go-to for dieters for decades. Foods and drinks are given points values in the WWPP system (Weight Watchers Points Plus) according to their nutritional value. In order to achieve their weight loss goals, members are given a daily allotment of Smart Points that they should not go over.

In-App Purchase Descriptions

Takes away the banner adverts that usually appear at the base of the screen.

PRO version removes ads and grants access to the Food List.

Highlights of the New Version 4

Track your daily point totals right here!

Decimal numbers can be entered in all areas now.

There are no more issues with in-app purchases.

No more V3.x problems!

PLEASE BE AWARE that this app has nothing to do with Weight Watchers International.

The Need for a WWPP Calculator & Tracker

Keeping track of your daily food consumption and Smart Points values manually can be a time-consuming and error-prone process. This is where the Android app WWPP Calculator & Tracker comes in handy. The time savings alone are worth downloading this helpful app, but it also aids in your weight loss efforts in the ways listed below.


Keeping track of what you eat is a breeze with the Smart Points calculator and tracker that you can use on your Android device.


So that you don’t have to guess or do the math’s yourself, the app is built to deliver accurate Smart Points estimates for thousands of food items.

Tracking Progress:

Daily, weekly, and monthly progress reports can keep you motivated and on track.

Food Database:

The app’s large food database, which includes restaurant options, makes it easy to record your meals.


Adjust your Smart Points and activity levels daily to create a personalized weight loss strategy.

Recipe Builder:

Make your own meals at home and still stick to your diet by creating recipes and calculating their Smart Points value.

Getting Started with Calculator & Tracker for WWPP

Now that you know why you should use the WWPP Calculator & Tracker, let’s go over the basics of installing it on your Android device.

1. Download and Install the App

For the Android app “Calculator & Tracker for WWPP,” search the Google Play Store.

2. Create Your Account

The app’s first launch will prompt you to sign up for an account. Your information can be safely stored in this account and synchronized across all of your devices.

3. Set Up Your Profile

Tell us about yourself, including your height, weight, and motivation for losing weight. The app can then use this data to determine how many Smart Points you can earn each day.

4. Log Your Meals

The first step is to keep a food diary. You have the option of manually entering food data, scanning barcodes, or conducting a search for a certain food.

5. Track Your Progress

The app will track your daily Smart Points usage and provide you feedback on how well you’re doing with your weight loss goals. You have the ability to view daily and weekly summary and make necessary changes.

6. Explore Additional Features

Use the Recipe Builder and the vast food database to research Smart Points values for different ingredients.

Key Features of Calculator & Tracker for WWPP

The Calculator & Tracker for WWPP for Android has many helpful tools that can aid you on your journey and help you reach your goals:

1. Barcode Scanner

Meal tracking is simplified by scanning the barcodes of packaged items to get their corresponding Smart Points values.

2. Restaurant Guide

The app includes a comprehensive guide to Smart Points values at popular restaurants, helping you make informed choices when dining out.

3. Sync across Devices

You may access all of your information from any Android device at any time because it is saved safely in the cloud.

4. Community Support

Connect with the WW community within the app for motivation, inspiration, and advice from fellow members.

5. Activity Tracker

Monitor your physical activity and see how it affects your daily SmartPoints balance.

More data about Calculator & Tracker for WWPP

PriceFree to download
Total downloads1 million
Recent downloads80
Rating3.79 based on 2 thousand ratings
RankingNot ranked
APK size3.92 MB
Number of libraries15
Designed for Android4.0.3+

You get a certain number of Points based on factors like your gender, current weight, age, height, etc. The Points value of every meal item. This is determined (automatically by the WW App) by factoring in the food’s caloric, protein, fat, fibre, and other nutritional characteristics.16-Nov-2022


In your journey towards a healthier, happier you, the Calculator & Tracker for WWPP for Android is a valuable companion. This app simplifies the process of tracking your SmartPoints and empowers you with the knowledge you need to make informed food choices. With its user-friendly interface and extensive features, it’s a must-have tool for anyone on the WWPP program.

Get the Calculator & Tracker for WWPP for Android today if you’re ready to take charge of your weight reduction journey and make it more effective. Start recording your SmartPoints now to start reducing weight and improving your health. Just a few clicks will get you started on the path to a better you.


Can I use the Weight Watchers app for free?

With your free trial, you’ll have unlimited access to WW’s award-winning app.

Does the Weight Watchers app have a calculator?

You can use the WW app, which has won numerous awards, as much as you like during your trial period.

How does WW calculate points 2023?

You get a certain number of Points based on factors like your gender, current weight, age, height, etc. The Points value of every meal item. This is determined (automatically by the WW App) by factoring in the food’s caloric, protein, fat, fibre, and other nutritional characteristics.

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